Webby Nominations for Mint.com In Banking and Personal Financial Services


The good folks at the Webby Awards gave Mint.com two nominations for best Website last week in the Banking and Personal Financial Services categories. Please vote for us! We also got an Official Honoree prize for this, the Mint.edu blog.

Now, I have to say that it takes a lot to get the typically low key Mint team excited, and these awards in recognition of their work on our money management tool did the job. Thank you, Webby people, wherever you are!

If you’re a Mint.com user, you probably realize that we take good design pretty seriously here. (If you’re not a Mint user, check us out and sign up! It’s free!) On a personal note, I’ve been working in the personal financial services space for awhile now, and I completely believe that the overly complex, jargon-centric design of traditional financial services sites has been a real barrier to their adoption by many people. If we can help you with understanding and managing your money more easily with the use of our money management tools and our site’s unique approach, then we’re delighted. Your positive feedback has kept us going through some late nights.

Speaking of late nights, we’re working hard to get our newest release completed. Look for a minty approach to all of your brokerage, investment and retirement accounts toward the end of this month. Can’t wait for you to see it.

Donna Wells, CMO, mint.com

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