One Winner, Thousands of #MyMintMoment Stories

Our #MyMintMoment Instagram contest has come to an end. We are grateful and inspired by all of you who shared special moments when your life and finances aligned. Your moments included everything from visiting the Grand Canyon and glaciers, to celebrating a new home or the last student loan payment, and starting a new family ... Read more

Financial Literacy

How to Decode 401k Fees

People are generally unaware of the fees attached to their 401k. Even when they are, that awareness is usually limited. Those fees can get pricey though, and many of them are hidden or difficult to suss out. To help you stay on top of your money, we’ve put together information on finding and mitigating those ... Read more

Consumer IQ

Mint Gets Real on Taboo Money Topics

We recently hosted a Twitter chat as part of our #RealTalkSeries. And let’s just say, things definitely got real. Many of you joined us to discuss “taboo” and cringe-worthy money questions such as how to improve a bad credit score, who can you borrow money from when you’re broke, and whether college is actually worth ... Read more

How To

From Clutter to Confidence: Get Organized in 2016

January is National Get Organized Month, which makes sense since getting organized ranks as the second most popular resolution after losing weight. Why should you make 2016 your most clutter-free year yet? Nadine Levy, professional organizer and owner of Management 180 Consulting, says “Spending time in an organized environment is not only aesthetically pleasing, it ... Read more


Share Your #MyMintMoment for a Chance to Win $1,000!

– Sorry, Minters!  Participation for the #MyMintMoment Instagram contest has ended. A big thank you to all participants! –   Once in a while your life and finances align to make your dreams turn into your #MyMintMoment. So to applaud you for all your hard work, we’re kicking off an Instagram photo contest now through ... Read more


New Year, New You and Everything In Between

“I think I can! I think I can!” This is not just a line from a children’s classic. It’s an optimistic mindset we should all embrace, especially when it comes to New Year’s resolutions and our money. If you are among the approximately 40 percent of Americans who make resolutions, we rounded up some of ... Read more


Make 2016 a Financially Fantastic Year

It’s hard to believe a new year is almost upon us.  As 2015 draws to a close, now is a great time to step back, look at what you did–or didn’t do—with your money and make any necessary changes to make the most of your money before we official say goodbye to 2015. Preparing for ... Read more


10 Easy Ways to Avoid a Financial Holiday Hangover

Fast forward to January 2016. No more chestnuts roasting on an open fire. No more candy canes and mistletoe. It’s a new year and new beginnings. Yet, for many of us, there is a big 2015 reminder hanging around… the holiday bills. If you’re worried about a financial holiday hangover, don’t be! You can still ... Read more