Early Career

The Best and Worst Jobs for Work-Life Balance

When it comes to picking a career, it’s not all about money. Everyone has a threshold where the salary they make just isn’t worth the stress, uncertainty and long hours their job demands. We all need a balance between our work and our personal life. With some careers, achieving that harmony is easy – with ... Read more

Travel Tips

7 Tips on How to Plan a Luxury Vacation [Video]

While traveling on a shoestring budget is fun and challenging in its own right, treating yourself to a luxury vacation is something we all that dream about. I mean who doesn’t like to be pampered every now and then? You may think that high-end resorts in exotic destinations are a dream that will never come ... Read more

Housing Finances

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5 Reasons Buying a Home Is Better Than Renting

If you’re looking for a place to live, you may be trying to decide whether it’s better to buy or rent. Renting does have its advantages: there’s less upfront investment and you can move when your agreement or lease is up without having to sell. However, for most people, it’s a much better option to ... Read more

Early Career

How to Find Work-Life Balance in a Demanding Field

When I was a teenager studying journalism at Indiana University, I dreamed of mixing things up in the newsroom of a major publication. I imagined myself trading barbs with my co-workers, asking hard-hitting questions and standing up to the editor-in-chief if they tried to neuter my story. I was going to be a grizzled, street-smart ... Read more


Mint Money Diary: Side Hustle & Habits in Colorado

  Occupation: Account Services & Freelance Writer Industry: Digital Marketing Age: 39 Location: Longmont, CO Paycheck (3): $4,700/mo includes salary and three freelance clients (side hustles) Monthly Expenses Rent: $900 Car loan: $275 Credit card payment: $450 All other expenses Utilities: $225 on average Phone: $65 Donations: $50 Health, Vision & Dental: $182 Streaming services: ... Read more