Early Career

How to Get the Most Out of an Awesome Job Offer

In the past, employees would stick with a company for decades. It wasn’t unusual in the 20th century for someone to stay at the same company for their entire career, consistently garnering raises and promotions until they retired with a hefty pension. Obviously, those days are long gone. The job market in 2017 is a ... Read more

Investing Advice

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The Most Expensive Millennial Mistake (and How to Fix It)

If you’re a millennial, chances are you’re well aware of the importance of saving your hard-earned dollars. However, you’re also likely saving the wrong way — costing you thousands of dollars each year. The word “saving” for most evokes the idea of a savings account. But, for millennials who have a long time-horizon, an integral ... Read more

Early Career

My Coworker Makes More Than Me – What Can I Do?

One day at a previous job, my coworker left their pay stub sitting in a shared space. I didn’t mean to snoop, but in looking to see what they had left I accidentally saw their take-home sum. I immediately wished I could erase this forbidden knowledge, but like Game of Thrones spoilers on the internet ... Read more

Early Career

Should I Take a Low-Paying Job with Good Potential?

Any career guru worth their salt will probably advise you to only switch jobs for an upgraded salary. It makes sense; if you’re looking to advance your professional standing, taking a step back is also a step in the wrong direction – usually. Sometimes, your career leads you to a place where the only way ... Read more

Student Finances

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Before You Graduate: 4 Financial Feats to Master

College is an amazing experience: you’re choosing a course of study and forging a unique path in life. And if you’re like many young adults, you’ll be making big decisions without the constant supervision of your parents. Chief among those decisions: your financial choices. As you’re hitting the books to earn your degree, make time ... Read more