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Money Milestones: Newlywed’s guide to money

Our “for richer or poorer” vows don’t always hold up, sadly. A 2014 study from the American Psychological Association finds that almost one third of couples believe money to be a major source of conflict in their relationship. And if those differences go unsettled, it’s sometimes a precursor to divorce . I’m married. And I ... Read more


Exciting News from Mint: Welcome, Farnoosh!

Hello fellow Mint lovers! It’s Farnoosh! I’m honored and excited to share with you that beginning today I will be contributing to the Mint blog with the goal of bringing readers some of the best and most useful money insights and practices. I feel super lucky to have this opportunity to connect with you, an ... Read more


7 US Companies with Ecstatic Employees

We’ve all heard about the insane perks offered by tech companies with sprawling Silicon Valley campuses, but it’s not just the big guys that go above and beyond to ensure their employees’ happiness. To gain some insight into which businesses put the most smiles on workers’ faces, we teamed up with to pore through ... Read more


Best Ways to Get Healthy on a Budget

Whether your goal is to get swole or simply shed that muffin top, there are more affordable options than ever when it comes to living a healthy, active lifestyle. And while running, hiking or exercising on your own doesn’t cost a dime, many of us need some extra motivation, instruction and equipment to get the ... Read more