Saving Money

The 50/20/30 Rule for Minimalist Budgeting

Budgets are more than just paying your bills on time—a budget is also about determining how much you should be spending, and on what. The 50/20/30 rule, also called the 50/30/20 budget, is a proportional guideline that can help you keep your spending in alignment with your savings goals. Adults—especially young adults just starting out ... Read more

Financial IQ

Best Places to Travel on a Budget

Traveling is one of the best things in life, and luckily, low funds don’t have to dash your dreams of enjoying an epic adventure. A wealth of destinations—both in the U.S. and abroad—are so affordable that even hardcore penny pinchers can visit without worrying about their wallets. So if you’re itching to get away, but ... Read more

Financial IQ

Easy Ways to Automate Your Life

While we don’t yet have flying cars that collapse to the size of a suitcase, pneumatic tubes that transport us from room to room or machines that automatically bathe and clothe us in the morning, every day we’re getting closer to living in a Jetsons-esque future. Thanks to today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to ... Read more

How To

How to Travel Europe on a Budget

Ready to snap selfies in front of Stonehenge, sip cappuccinos near the Colosseum or fall in love at the Louvre? Backpacking through Europe is an adventure that appears on many Americans’ bucket lists, but the assumed price tag prevents most from making their dream a reality. Fortunately, the internet, smartphones and the share economy make ... Read more

Financial IQ

Top 17 Most Affordable U.S. Cities of 2016

Times have changed since Grams and Gramps were your age, looking to settle down and buy their first home. But today the house with the white picket fence—or that trendy loft in downtown—isn’t completely out of the question if you look in the right places. In no particular order, we rounded up a list of ... Read more

How To

How to Make a Budget for Living on Your Own

If you can’t wait to move out of your parents’ home and start living on your own, you’re not alone. Independence is amazing, but enjoying that newfound freedom can be more expensive than you might think. Fortunately, there are tons of helpful websites and mobile apps that can make managing your finances fun. And by ... Read more

Financial Goals

21-Day Challenge: Hack Your Saving Habits

If you dream of having a baller bank account and the freedom to kick back without a financial worry in the world, it’s possible to hack your spending habits until you’re sitting on a comfy cushion of cash. And since studies show most of us can adopt new, long-lasting behaviors after just three weeks, you ... Read more