Introducing Mint’s New Bill Reminders


Say goodbye to pesky late fees and missed bill payments.’s new Bill Reminders feature will help you stay on top of bills by tracking recurring bills in one place. You can see all your upcoming payments on a simple timeline and will receive customized due date reminders on, or via email and text message.

“Juggling due dates and amounts owed, and jumping from websites to paper statements is tedious and confusing. Busy people have better ways to spend their time and money, such as saving toward a goal,” said Aaron Forth, vice president and general manager of the Intuit Inc.’s Personal Finance Group. “Bill Reminders simplifies the bill-paying process by letting people see all bills in one spot, set up personalized reminders and avoid costly late or overdraft fees.” already offers reminders for credit cards and loans. The newest feature, developed in response to customer requests, helps you consolidate and track these payments alongside other important bills, such as those from phone, cable, auto and electric companies.

How it Works

When logging into, you will see regular bills automatically identified and added to the new Bill Reminders feature, based on prior bank statements and monthly spending patterns. From there, you can:

  • See all bills in one place: You no longer need to log into multiple sites to track upcoming due dates.
  • Get bill due date alerts: You’ll receive an email or text message reminder to avoid missed payments, late or overdraft fees.
  • View a timeline of bills: See upcoming and past bills right on the homepage.
  • Set up your bills easily: Automatically add bills that are suggested by Mint, or simply add a bill from a transaction.

Bill Reminders is part of’s ongoing commitment to helping you better manage their money and plan for their financial future. The new feature also reflects’s dedication to customer satisfaction, as it was tested for several weeks by a group of users who had a say in the final product.

For more details instructions on using the new bill reminders function, see our how-to post.



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