Introducing’s Updated Trends Feature


Attention all Minters! has an exciting new update to help you make even smarter money decisions.

Check out the new and improved Trends, which gives you a better picture of your money:

The Trends feature, which helps you see where your money is going, has been updated to allow you to customize all your reports. Here are all the new ways you can organize your information:

  • by category,
  • merchants,
  • tags,
  • accounts,
  • and dates

Being trendy has never saved you so much money.

You can just add this to the long list of features from’s free money management tools. You know, the stuff you already use and love, like total visibility of all your finances, budgeting and saving tools, up-to-date monthly emails on your progress, and free apps to keep you stay on-budget when you’re on the go.

And, as always, you can count on Mint’s bank-level security, including an application-level passcode and read-only account access from the website, to keep your information safe and secure.


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