Best Five Word Speech Winners


A big thank you to the nearly 100 readers who gave us their best 5 word suggestions for our Webby award acceptance speeches. No question that Mint blog readers are a talented and creative bunch. In fact, we’re always looking for freelance copywriters. If you’re a pro, or want to turn pro, shoot me an email at But without further ado, the envelope, please.

Aaron went back to our roots for his two, five word speeches when accepting the Webbys for Best Financial Service and Best Banking and Bill Pay site, saying:

“Money for nothing … And your Mint’s for free!”

This was the unofficial theme song during our TechCrunch launch a year ago. Leave it to Aaron to find an 8 word solution to a 2 X 5=10 word problem.

Now, this wasn’t one of the dozens of great ideas suggested by our readers, but don’t fear. We’re going to give out a bunch of t-shirts anyway!

Here are the winners (email me your physical address, gender and preferred t-shirt size if you’ve won):

1. “My mind on my money. My money on Mint.” Bish (This was Aaron’s close second choice.)

2. “Saved all year for this.” Phil

3. “This wasn’t in my budget.” Bao

4. “Afford yourself. Get Mint.” jcb

5. “Credit card, bank account, 401K. Managing your money every day.” Andrea H.

6. “Mint even simplifies speeches.” Michael

7. And my personal favorite, a virtual haiku which ignored all the rules we/webby laid out:

“no more where’s my password.
all my money is here
scared at first, now rich
i can see it working
wish the government tried Mint”

Another chance for competition and creativity: Anyone up for rewriting the lyrics to either the Dire Straits “Money for Nothing” (1988) or Snoop Dogg “What’s My Name” (2005) to make them into Mint theme songs? More prizes to anyone submitting an entry we’re wow’ed by. The bar has been raised!

Thanks for all your great suggestions!
The Mint Team

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