America’s Worst Commutes


Are you frustrated with your commute? You may have plenty good reasons for it, especially if you live in one of the cities included in this infographic.

Based on data recently released by the Texas Transportation Institute, the interactive infographic gives you a bird’s eye view of the country’s worst cities for commuters, based on how many hours a year they spend on average stuck in traffic delays, the number of commuters on the roads during peak hours, and the number of peak hours each day. (Roll over each dot on the map for the basic stats.)

The results are troubling. According to the 2010 Urban Mobility Report, congestion costs are on a constant rise, from $24 billion in 1982 to $115 billion in 2009 (measured in constant 2009 dollars), while the cost to the average commuter has risen to $808 in 2009, from $351 in 1982. In 2009, commuters spent 34 hours in peak delays, compared with 14 hours in 1982.

Which cities top the worst? Below is a Top 10 ranking (with several ties) based on the number of hours spent in traffic delays per year. For more details, be sure to check our infographic.

1. Chicago, IL: 70 hours
1. Washington, DC: 70 hours
2. Los Angeles, CA: 63 hours
3. Houston, TX: 58 hours
4. Baltimore, MD: 50 hours
5. San Francisco, CA: 49 hours
6. Boston, MA: 48 hours
6. Dallas, TX: 48 hours
7. Denver, CO: 47 hours
8. Atlanta, GA: 44 hours
8. Seattle, WA: 44 hours
9. Minneapolis, MN: 43 hours
10. New York, NY: 42 hours

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