India vs the US: A Visual Comparison


Since its shift from socialist economic policies in the early Nineties to a free-market economy, India has experienced a massive economic boom and foreign trade is a key part of its economic policy. India is in many ways a nation of paradoxes. It is simultaneously one of the worlds fastest growing economies and the nation with the largest concentration of people living below the poverty line. India’s history, geography, religious and ethnic makeup, and culture are vastly different to the US and yet the two countries maintain a close relationship. Our infographic is designed to provide an at-a-glance view of the most important economic dimensions of the US and India and a few less important but fun ones too. Hence the lack of scale or numbers. In order to help compare and contrast the economic differences, we have simplified the data from the CIA World Factbook and . For the exact numbers in any category, check here and here.

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