Mint Slideshow: Hyperinflation


Anyone who has lived through a period of hyperinflation can tell you that it’s a trying time on both your financial and psychological well being. Prices go up every day, in some cases several times a day. If you’re lucky, your pay somewhat attempts to keep up — and you get paid more often than usual. Your country is in a financial crisis, most likely combined with political instability or even war.

On the bright side, you become a millionaire. Granted, a million won’t buy you that much, but to an outsider, looking at your country’s currency is kind of amuzing.

In this slideshow, we’ve compiled a dozen currencies that feature anywhere from six to 14 zeroes (that is, from a couple hudred thousand to a trillion). We don’t, of course, mean to imply that hyperinflation is a laughing matter. For the stories behind nine currencies that failed as a result of hyperinflation, click here.

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