Mint Tool: Calculate Your Net Worth

How To

One of the most straightforward measures of an individual’s financial well-being is their net worth. In most basic terms, your net worth is the sum of all assets and liabilities, and can be a positive or a negative number. A negative number – surprise! – means you owe more than you own, and vise versa. Things like your cash and bank account balances, retirement savings, investments and the value of assets such as real estate and a car bring your net worth up, while debts, including credit card, mortgage and auto balances, weigh it down. It may sound straightforward, but actually calculating your net worth isn’t that simple, given all the different types of assets and liabilities you have to take into account. So we built this simple calculator to help you do the math. (And if you have a account complete with all your bank accounts, credit cards and other loans and asset information, y0ur net worth is calculated automatically, at the bottom of the “Accounts” list on the Overview page.)

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