Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions

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What was the most enchanting moment of your life? For Guy Kawasaki, it was meeting his wife. And his second most enchanting moment changed a company’s future — and, arguably, a whole industry.

In 1983, Kawasaki’s Stanford roommate Mike Boich, an early Apple (AAPL) employee, showed him a Macintosh prototype. “Seeing Macintosh for the first time was an epiphany and transformational moment,” Kawasaki blogged a few months ago. “It removed the scales from my eyes, parted the clouds, and I thought I heard angels singing.” The rest is history: Kawasaki joined Apple to work on marketing the Macintosh and is one of the key people credited with creating Apple’s passionate fan base, now growing larger by the minute.

Enchanting moments matter because they can literally change our lives — and those of many others. In his new book, Enchantment, Kawasaki will walk you through when and why enchantment is important, and how to achieve it. (The three key factors: likability, trustworthiness and a great cause.)

Have you had an enchanting moment? Describe it in 200 words or less and email it to The first five readers to respond will get a free copy of Kawasaki’s book. In the meantime, read more about achieving enchantment in this infographic.


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