Creative Ways Kids Can Make Money

How To

Let’s jump past the classic ways kids make money – mowing the neighbor’s lawn, walking dogs, selling lemonade, and babysitting – to newer ways kids can make money.

I guarantee you at least one of these following 11 ideas will be new to you. And your kid!

Social media lessons.

A tech-savvy teen can help others create social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, and give a basic tutorial on how to use each site and what each one is good for.

Weeding a garden or flower bed.

If your child is already mowing someone’s lawn for hire, why not add weeding?

With a five-minute lesson, your junior or high school student will be equipped to sweat over someone else’s garden for cash.

Your kid may need to bring their own gloves, weeding tool, and container to collect weeds.

Personal assistant.

A responsible kid can run simple errands, like grocery shopping, mailing letters and packages, and picking up dry cleaning.

Many kids are also able to balance a checkbook, pay bills, file papers, sort mail, and place and fetch lunch orders.

Asking what a potential clients needs help with is a good way to start the conversation.

Basic house sitting.

Most doubt-digit kids are capable of bringing in the mail, turning on and off lights to make a house look lived in, and giving animals fresh food and water.

You can always do a dry-run before your trip.

Watering a garden or flower bed.

One of my first jobs was to water a neighbor’s garden while he was on a two-week trip to visit his grandkids.

This guy really cared about his ferns.

Deep cleaning.

Who looks forward to washing windows? A kid who wants to make money.

This chore, along with wiping down shelves, scrubbing cabinets, dusting trimwork, polishing silver, and dusting photographs are often neglected.

Not to mention many cleaning services don’t cover them!

Pet sit.

If your child already walks dogs for cash, why not offer to pet sit? I guarantee it will cheaper for the pet owners than to hire a service.

Homework help.

Teens can help younger kids with their homework by having a dedicated time to complete homework and to have someone there to answer questions.

You don’t have to be very many grades ahead to have mastered long division.

Plus, teaching is a great way for the older child to nail a task if they haven’t already. You can’t teach something you don’t know!


If your child is athletic, why not have them share their sport skills with a younger child?

Sometimes a little extra attention – away from Mom and Dad’s competitive eye – can be all the practice a child needs to build confidence for a sport.

Private lessons.

Arts programs are often neglected in public schools, and hiring a professional for lessons is very expensive.

Teens with artistic talents have an opportunity to make a little money while sharing their talents with others.

Dinner helper.

My personal favorite. Hire a junior or high school student to prep dinner for you.

They can defrost meat, wash and chop vegetables, prep the rice, pasta, or potatoes, and even take inventory of your pantry and freezer so you know what you have on hand.

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