Spend More to Save More: 3 Home Improvement Items That are Worth the Splurge

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Would you buy sushi from a gas station?

Didn’t think so!

Some edible items – like seafood – are definitely worth spending a little bit more on to avoid tummy troubles down the road. That logic can be applied to many other areas of life, including your home.

True, you may not wind up physically ill from purchasing a less expensive light bulb, but there are other reasons to opt for a higher price tag.

Here are three home-items that are worth splurging on:

Light bulbs.

We know it’s tempting to reach for the cheapest light bulb option when you’re replacing a few bulbs, but resist! Instead, opt for compact fluorescent lights (CFLs).

Sure, they have a higher purchase price, but they only use one-fifth of the power and last six to ten times longer than their incandescent counterparts.

That means that each CFL bulb can save you about $30 over the course of its lifetime! If you multiply that by all of the bulbs you have in your home, the savings will really add up.


A new coat of paint is a great way to freshen up a room, but there are more decisions to make than just color choice. One trip to the hardware store will prove that paint has a serious price range!

The cheaper paints are more diluted, so they won’t be as smooth or have as much coverage. That means it’s generally worth skipping the bargain bin paint ($5-$15) – you’ll avoid issues like applying multiple coats, fading and cracking.

Instead, opt for the middle-class paint cans ($20-$30). You’ll get a nice looking finish without having to apply a ton of extra coats. For a more detailed breakdown, read this guide to buying paint.

Major appliances.

If you’re large appliance shopping, there are a lot of benefits to opting for the higher priced Energy Star models. The big-boy appliances like your dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine and dryer account for the majority of your energy bill.

By opting for an energy efficient appliance, you’ll save $200-$1,100 on energy costs over its lifetime!

Tip: If your appliance is over ten years old, your savings will be even greater.


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