My Mint Tips: How to Save When Dining Out

Financial IQ, Food Budgets My Mint Tips: How to Save When Dining Out

The weekend is here! Time to enjoy a meal out with friends or hit your favorite restaurant, because after a long week you are just too tired to cook. In fact, Americans spent more than $50 billion at restaurants in January alone.

We recently asked Minters on Twitter how they save money when dining out. Check out our favorite tips here, and share your own with @mint with hashtag #MyMintTips:

  • Melissa Agelson: @mint My husband & I have a budget we stick to when go out to eat! We love to buy 1 meal, get the second half price. Really helps a lot!
  • Corey Beckmann@mint Oftentimes, appetizers are as big as a meal or could be considered one. We look for apps to split during happy hour specials. #Mint
  • Joey Czellar: @mint Grabbing a special instead of an entree. Perhaps you get a little less food, but you get more choices!
  • Ian Wood: @mint Don’t [sic] go out to eat to enjoy yourself. If you want to save money stay home and cook
  • ElizabethTheWarrior: @mint Signed up for @blueapron to help us plan meals better and add more variety. Now no need to eat out 🙂
  • Lolitta Gevorkova: @mint I usually skip appetizers with my friends and go straight for dinner and drinks, or skip dinner and do just drinks and appetizers!
  • Jan: @mint Always order water. Generally the veggie dishes will be less than steak & lobster.
  • Russell: @mint Never order soda. Water only. Good for your financial health and physical health. It’s a win-win!
  • Amy Corbett: @mint Ask the waiter or waitress if there are any special coupons that you can redeem #Mint #save
  • Hippie Longstocking: @mint consider it a rewarding treat, moderation is key.

We’re always looking for great tips from Minters. Follow us @mint and you may see yourself on the blog!

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