10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Under $15

Financial IQ 10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Under $15

Valentine’s Day is a major shopping event for consumers and it’s one of the biggest holidays on the retail calendar.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans planned on spending over $10 billion dollars on their significant others in 2012. And that figure doesn’t include children, family members or pets!

I know what you are all thinking: People buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets? I know, it’s news to me too.

Whether you are planning on buying a Valentine’s Day gift for your spouse, loved one, grandmother, parent, or furry friend, this is a day to express your love and gratitude for the people (or animals) in your life and the size of your spending isn’t a reflection of the size of your heart.

Here are 10 Valentine’s Day gifts that are sure to warm the hearts of your loved ones (pets not included – sorry!) without burning a hole in your budget.

Foldable.Me 3D Cardboard Cutout — $11.99

Foldable.Me, a KickStarter sensation, lets you create little cardboard 3-D cutouts of yourself.

Create a version of you and your Valentine for a very cute and very custom gift.

Tiny Heart Necklace — $12

Make a big expression of love with this tiny heart necklace that has an equally small price tag.

The tiny heart gold necklace is 16 inchels long and includes gold plating over the brass finding and chain.

USB Casette Mixtape — $15

The Milktape USB Cassette Mixtape looks just like the mix tapes you used to make in high school, but it plugs into a USB port.

Handpick each song from the heart and simply click and drag to create a custom mixtape for your special someone.

Bonus points if you include songs you actually listened to in high school.

An Awesome Book of Love — $11.55

An Awesome Book of Love!, Dallas Clayton’s heartwarming follow-up to his self-published An Awesome Book, explores the many faces of love.

This book is a perfect gift for valentines of all ages—or really for any day you’d like to tell someone special how much you care.

I Love You…Most of the Time — $5

For the non-traditional valentine, this humorous card pokes a little fun at what being in a relationship can really feel like sometimes.

Each card is handmade with love in Atlanta, GA and printed one-by-one on a 100-year old, 2000lb, cast iron letterpress.

Check out the other designs in this collection including:

‘I love you… like monsters love closets’
‘I love you… like kittens love robots’
‘I love you… like dogs love squirrels’
‘I love you… like toddlers love empty boxes’
‘I love you… most of the time’
‘I like you… a lot’

Friendship Bracelet Temporary Tattoo  — $5 (set of 2)

Who says forever is better? Show love for your valentine by giving them a temporary tattoo friendship bracelet, designed by the ever-talented Julia Rothman.

Each set comes with two friendship bracelet tattoos — one for you and one for your special someone.

Beer Soap — $6.75 and up 

Now your love can soak up their favorite beer without all the stinky side effects.

Good for hair body and shaving, these beer soaps come in a variety of brews including Pabst Blue Ribbon and various ales, pilsners, stouts, and more.

Ring Around Your Finger Mug — $15

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but I’ll bet coffee is right up there, too. This 2 Carat Cup sports a ring-shaped handle set with a fab faux diamond (a genuine Swarovski crystal) that slips effortlessly onto the finger as she sips.

The coffee mug comes packaged in an oversized flip-up ring box, so when you open the box all you see is the ring, the cup is concealed inside the box.

Warning: This is probably not the best gift for someone who is anxiously awaiting a real engagement ring. Consider yourself warned.

Heart Hologram Glasses — $1.95 each

These hologram heart glasses will have you feeling like you’ve fallen in love all over again. Just put the glasses on, look at lights or candles on a table, and you will see a holographic image of hearts.

Helpful tip: These would make a very romantic (and inexpensive) addition to any of these almost free Valentine’s Day date ideas.

StickyGram Instagram Magnets — $14.99 (set of 9) 

StickyGram is a personalised printing service that turns your Instagram images into lovely little magnets.

Select your favorite Instagram photos of you and your valentine and stick them on your fridge, desk, locker, or any magnet-loving surface you can find.

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