Millennial Credit Crash Course (Infographic)


Millennials may have a reputation about knowing a lot about technology and social media — but how many in the under 30 crowd really know their credit score and what to do with it? Credit scores are three little numbers that can have a BIG impact on your financial life. Check out this infographic to...  Read more


Property Detective: A Checklist for Renters (Infographic)


Choosing a place to live can be tricky – so before checking out a new property, it’s important to make sure you’re armed with the right supplies and questions to ask so you don’t run into any surprises on move-in day! Click on “Launch Infographic” for an expanded view.  This infographic was sponsored by CoverHound, where...  Read more

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5 Financial Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Colorful wipers hanging and drying outside window

After a brutal winter, many of us are ready to embrace spring with open arms! The arrival of spring also signals seasonal cleaning duties such as cleaning windows, putting away the winter wardrobe and breaking out the flip flops. But don’t forget to include your personal finances in your spring cleaning “to do” list!  Spring...  Read more

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4 Ways to Preserve Your Pot of Gold

St. Patty's Day

’Tis the season to think green! So let’s do as the leprechauns do and celebrate a goal shared by real and imaginary creatures alike: protecting one’s stash. Whether you’ve got an overflowing pot of gold or a more modest balance sheet, here are four principles for protecting your wealth. Insure Your Stash The biggest threat...  Read more

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Budgeting Basics: 4 Things Everyone Needs to Know

4 Budgeting Basics everyone needs to know

I spoke at the Women’s Money Conference recently and asked the audience how many of them put everything on their calendars. Nearly every hand shot in the air. When I asked the women how many use their calendars to schedule time to manage or revisit their budgets, the sea of hands went down. Surprising? Not...  Read more

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Millennial Tax Tips:’s 5 Favorite Links

Millennial tax tips

Filing taxes can be intimidating, especially if you are filing for  the first time.  If that’s the case, and you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s easy to overlook a key deduction or credit that could be worth big bucks when it comes time to getting your return (that’s right – you could be missing...  Read more


Money Mindset: Becoming a Financially Wise Woman

Brittney Castro post

Women have come a long way in the money-management department, but we still face unique challenges that make planning for our financial futures difficult. According to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income of women still trail men. Women earn 82.1% of what men do. And sadly, that gap widens as...  Read more

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What You Don’t Know Can Cost You

Vera blog post

When it comes to your financial health, what you don’t know can cost you. Just like the annual physical with your doctor keeps your body’s health on track, knowing your financial vital signs can save you money and help you keep fiscally fit. Match your financial knowledge in the categories below to see where you...  Read more

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Don’t Let a Fender Bender Break the Bank

Don’t Let a Fender Bender Break the Bank

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) there were more than 5.6 million police-reported crashes in the U.S. in 2013. No doubt these crashes can take a huge emotional and financial toll on those impacted – and you might be surprised to learn what your policy covers, and doesn’t cover. The price tag...  Read more