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A How-To Guide to Modern Tipping

I recently escaped to Lake Tahoe for some much needed rest and relaxation. After hours in the car with two kids, we finally arrived at our hotel, desperate to cool our heels in the pool. And then it happened. The bellman brought our luggage to our room, and my husband and I exchanged horrified looks. ... Read more

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Globetrotting Tips for International Travel

This year, I had many friends traveling to Europe and South America. Their families are doing well in the current economy, and the dollar performing strongly compared to currency in other countries. These boosts – along with airfare prices staying at reasonable levels – have led to a 5% percent increase in international travel from ... Read more

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My Mint Tips: How to Save When Dining Out

The weekend is here! Time to enjoy a meal out with friends or hit your favorite restaurant, because after a long week you are just too tired to cook. In fact, Americans spent more than $50 billion at restaurants in January alone. We recently asked Minters on Twitter how they save money when dining out. ... Read more


4 Easy Ways Your Phone Can Actually Save You Money

Cell phones have earned a reputation as enablers of mindless, wallet-draining spending. In addition to racking up expensive overage fees and international charges, popular apps offering food delivery, one-click shopping and in-app purchases can be a danger to your wallet. Yet, with a few simple tricks and downloads, your phone can actually be a powerful money-saving ... Read more

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The Future of Lending

In the past, there was one place to go when you wanted a loan: the local bank. In 2015, you have many more options, and peer-to-peer lending is proving to be an attractive choice for many borrowers looking for a good deal – plus individual lenders looking for an investment option. In fact, peer-to-peer lending ... Read more


Unpacking the Real Costs of Moving

After 13 years, two kids and one dog, my husband and I recently decided it was time to move into a new home. While moving is often an exciting new beginning, it’s also regarded as one of life’s most stressful events. From my experience moving this summer, I would have to agree. After signing endless papers, ... Read more


Simplify Your Spending During Simplify Your Life Week

Did you know the first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week? In honor of this weeklong celebration of ridding your life of pesky complications, we offer up these simple tips that will help you de-clutter your finances. Clean Out Your Wallet One of the easiest ways of organizing your financial life is ... Read more


Back-to-School Shopping on a Budget

It’s that time of year again! As a kid, you looked forward to going back to school; new classes and teachers, reuniting with old friends and most importantly, new clothes and supplies. Now as a parent, going back to school takes on a whole new meaning when you are paying for everything. In fact, according ... Read more