13 Surprising Things You Can Rent for Extra Cash

Okay. So you’re intrigued by the whole idea of renting your stuff to make some extra money. But what exactly should you rent and how exactly do you rent it? The list of stuff you can rent for cash is so vast that your imagination is your biggest limitation. From the ordinary to the outlandish, ... Read more

How To

Protect Your Information During Cyber Security Awareness Month

Our connected world helps us efficiently manage every aspect our lives. From schedules to car rides to keeping up with our finances, the devices we carry with us every day unlock unlimited possibilities to improve our lives…and opportunities for cyber criminals to steal personal information. Luckily, there are steps you can take to protect yourself. ... Read more


My Mint Tips: Minters Share How to Save When Shopping

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with shopping. We love purchasing new things, but sometimes overspend or, even worse, end up with buyer’s remorse. Last month, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average consumer spending in 2014 was $53,495, a 4.7% increase from 2013. While this is great news for an ... Read more


Money and Marriage: The Emotions Behind the Numbers

You’re married, so now what do you do with your money? If you’ve haven’t had “the talk” about money, now’s the time. If you’ve never had a math-less conversation about money, you might be surprised how helpful, encouraging and fun it can be. “Math-less? What does that even mean?” Money has more to do with emotions, family ... Read more


An Education in College Savings

September is not only time to go back to school, it’s National College Savings Month making it the perfect time to think ahead and take steps toward saving for the kids’ college education. After all, tuition, which has increased faster than the rate of inflation for decades now, is among one the biggest expenses families ... Read more


Fall Back Into Good Financial Behavior

The advent of fall serves as a good reminder that you may need to correct course and keep your financial responsibilities in mind. On the first day of fall, the autumnal equinox, the lengths of day and night are roughly equal, and the daylight grows shorter from there. Use the diminishing sunlit hours to get ... Read more

Financial Literacy

My New Financial Reality in the “Real World”

In many ways, graduating from college feels like freedom. Freedom from pulling all-nighters to finish that research paper. Freedom from assignments that make you ask yourself the question, “Am I really going to apply this in real life?” Freedom from the antagonizing and omnipresent pressures of keeping up your GPA. But financially, graduating has felt ... Read more

Everyday Triumphs

My Mint Story: Managing Less Money for More Family

For the majority of our marriage, my husband and I have moved to three cities, traveled internationally, and delivered a resounding “yes!” to most social invitations. We have thoroughly enjoyed the perks of sharing a checking account, most notably the enhanced numbers every time we peeked at our balance. Our finances were never of grave ... Read more


Life After Debt: Now What?

If you’ve paid off debt, congratulations! Paying down debt is the top goal for many Minters when they start monitoring their finances. Getting out of the red takes focus and discipline, and luckily, there are many free resources to help you. But what happens after you’ve paid off debt and freed yourself from that burden? Check ... Read more


Stop Making These 5 Costly Credit Card Mistakes

Credit cards are useful tools for building and maintaining a strong credit score. If you charge items and pay them off on time every month, your credit score will rise. That’s important; a strong credit score can help you earn lower interest rates on mortgage and auto loans, and qualify for credit cards that come ... Read more