Money Audit

Managing Money With Your Partner When You Earn More

Four years ago this month, I published When She Makes More, a guide for higher-earning married women who want to master their finances and thrive in their relationships.    Earning more money, as the wife in your hetero-relationship, may seem innocuous. What does it matter if your salary is bigger or smaller than your mate’s?   But ... Read more

Financial Planning

Are the Days of Car Ownership Coming to a Close?

Self-driving vehicles are coming much sooner than expected — and the general consensus is that car ownership will bid us farewell. After all, with a dominant ride-sharing model in place, upfront purchase prices and ongoing maintenance costs seem less appealing. On top of that is the surging trend around “access vs. ownership,” where the car-owning ... Read more

Travel Tips

How to Find the Best Travel Deals [Video]

It turns out, if you know where to look, you can travel the world pretty cheaply. But although the internet has made it extremely easy to research, find, and plan a trip of a lifetime it also has created a problem. Information overload. There are just too many sites and they all claim to have ... Read more

Financial Planning

Tech-Savvy Ways to Save on Car Expenses

Buying a car is expensive. Really expensive. In fact, your car payment is most likely only exceeded by your rent or mortgage payment. And that’s not to mention the cost of gas, maintenance, insurance and all of the other things that go hand-in-hand with automobile ownership. But with new technologies and car sharing options available, ... Read more

How To

How to Patch Up a Leaky Budget

Do you consider yourself a financially responsible young adult? Personally, I like to think that my finances are mostly in order. Rent, student loans, car payments—everything big is blocked off nicely. If the math works out right, I have a bit left over every paycheck to go into your savings or retirement account, and a ... Read more