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Financing Your Furry Friend [Infographic]

Did you know June is National Adopt a Cat Month? Spring is prime breeding season for cats and dogs, so shelters nationwide report an increase in kittens and puppies every summer. If you’re planning to welcome a new pet into your family soon, consider the expenses of pet ownership before visiting your local shelter. Check out our infographic to understand ... Read more

Everyday Triumphs

Maximize Your Most Valuable Resource: Time

“You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” – Jim Rohn Every year, the third week of June brings those living in the northern hemisphere the longest day of the year: the Summer Solstice. By now, you’ve long been enjoying the perks of longer days: better weather, a happier mood and a ... Read more


The Best Money Advice from Dad

Millennials at Intuit headquarters share some of the best financial advice their fathers have given them over the years. Check out the video for some time-honored money lessons from our dear ol’ dads. Have your own financial tips from your Pops? Share in the Comments or on Twitter using #DadsMoneyAdvice, and don’t forget to call your dad this weekend. Happy Father’s Day!   ... Read more

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Splurge for the Better on National Splurge Day

It’s “National Splurge Day!” People who normally live modestly are encouraged to relax their boundaries and indulge in things they normally forgo. Yes, it’s one of those arbitrary holidays that someone just made up, but it’s actually a good excuse to address the topic of splurging. I know what you’re thinking. “What the heck, Mint? ... Read more


What’s Your Budget Personality?

Our personalities inform how we approach every part of our lives. From the workplace to friendships and even at home, your distinct style is uniquely yours when you interact with the world around you. This goes for budgets, too. Personalities often impact how you spend, save and manage your money, sometimes positively and sometimes impeding ... Read more

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Chip-Enabled Credit Cards are Coming: What You Need to Know

Swiping your magnetic-stripe credit card will soon become a thing of the past. In the wake of widespread consumer data breaches like those at Target and Home Depot – plus increasing rates of counterfeit fraud – credit card companies nationwide are issuing new smart chip-enabled cards to improve payment security and provide consumers with greater ... Read more

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Summer Moves on a Budget

It’s no surprise that most Americans move between May and September. Kids are out of school, college students are graduating and the weather is more accommodating…in most places (sorry, Florida!). But with more people relocating to new homes, vendors tend to charge higher prices during the summer for what’s already the biggest expense a person ... Read more