Squeezing in a Last Minute Summer Getaway


It’s not too late to squeeze in a last-minute summer getaway.  Whether you’re looking for something adrenaline pumping or serene   – there’s no doubt that creating a budget will help you plan. Here are seven budget-friendly tips to help you make your dollar and your fun go farther. 1. Budget first.  Before you plan anything,...  Read more

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Cocktails on the Cheap: 4 Ways to Save on Drinks This Summer

Cocktails on the Cheap: 4 Ways to Save on Drinks This Summer

Scorching summer temperatures and outdoor gatherings with friends and family have people  thirsting for cool,  refreshing cocktails on a budget.  Here are four easy ways to mix up some mouth-watering beverages without putting a strain on your wallet. Choose Your Booze Prefer vodka to gin? Stick with your preference and use the money you’d spend...  Read more


Get an A+ on Back-to-School Savings (infographic)

Get an A+ on Back-to-School Savings

Ready to fill this year’s backpack with all new school supplies? Check out how much the average American spends on back-to-school and get an A+ on your spending by following these easy savings tips!  Click on “Launch Infographic” for an expanded view.


3 Situations That Call for a Budget Calculator

3 Situations That Call for a Budget Calculator-081314

A $100 spent here. A $1,000 spent there. Whether you’re planning for your wedding, buying back-to-school supplies or starting your own business, keeping track of the amount of money you spend on each transaction is difficult if you don’t really know where your money is going. Using a budget calculator for these three situations not...  Read more


Back to School: Be Money Smart

Back to School: Be Money Smart 081114

People always told me that college is fun. That it would be the best years of my life. But what those people didn’t mention was that while college is definitely fun, it’s also woefully expensive. I’m not just talking about tuition and room & board; I’ve found that those expenses are only the tip of...  Read more


National Dollar Day: Get the Most Out of your Dollar


It’s National Dollar Day and what better way to celebrate than to make financial decisions that help youget the most out of your dollar. Skip the expensive champagne and celebrate your smart money decisions by setting a new financial goal. Whether it’s clipping coupons to save on food, contributing more to your retirement account, or making a...  Read more


Wedding Budget 101 Twitter Chat Recap

Wedding Budget 101 Twitter Chat Recap

In case you missed it, I partnered with to host a #MintBrides Twitter chat. We discussed wedding-related budget advice with two of my favorite bridal bloggers, Broke Ass Bride & Junebug Weddings.   Whether you have $1,000, $10,000, or $100,000 to spend, you can have the wedding you always wanted with careful organization, zealous budgeting,...  Read more


Investing: What the heck is a Larry Portfolio?

Investing Photo 7.29

Recently, I wrote a three-part series on how to start investing. Today, I want to look at an advanced topic. Generally, I avoid advanced topics in investing, for two reasons: 1. Most people don’t even have a grasp of beginner-level investing yet. 2. The vast majority of “advanced” investing techniques can’t beat a simple, diversified portfolio...  Read more