Welcome Microsoft Money users


Microsoft today announced that it will stop selling Microsoft Money, its venerable personal finance software, by the end of June. While the software will continue to work, users will no longer have access to automated data feeds from their banks, credit card companies and other financial service providers.

If you’re a Microsoft Money user looking for a new tool to help you continue to manage your money, we invite you to try Mint.com.

Mint.com is the #1 free online personal finance service…and it’s free. It makes staying on top of your finances easy, efficient, and convenient. Mint.com shows you all of your accounts in one place, helps you budget, finds you ways to save money, and alerts you to any unusual activity in any of your accounts. Over a million users trust Mint.com with their critical financial information and find it the most convenient way to manage their money.

Here’s why we think you’ll like Mint.com as much as they do:

You’re in good company

Nearly 40% of Mint.com users tell us they’ve tried Microsoft Money — and chose Mint.com. In fact, Motley Fool and Lifehacker.com readers (among others) have consistently picked Mint.com as their favorite personal finance tool.

Mint starts free and stays free

Sign up for Mint.com and you can say goodbye to buying annual upgrades. Mint.com is continually adding and improving its features. And when we do, you’ll get them free.

Mint.com is easy to set up…and the rest is automatic

There’s no need to install software and connecting your financial accounts takes just minutes. After that, we do the work for you, updating your accounts, categorizing your transactions, calculating budgets, sending you alerts, etc.

Mint is online and accessible from anywhere

Unlike Microsoft Money, Mint.com can be used from any web browser on any computer. There’s no need to install anything and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. We even have an iPhone app and a version of our service for your My Yahoo! personalized home page.

Mint is safe and secure

Your security is our first priority. We never ask for any personally identifiable information. We connect directly to your accounts using the same bank-level security as leading financial institutions. You can’t move money in Mint.com, and neither can anyone else.

Mint saves you money

Mint.com automatically compares your credit cards, bank accounts, brokerage accounts and CD’s to available offers and lets you know if there are better options to consider.

We know that change can be stressful. That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible to get started with Mint.com. All you need is an email address and password. Then, add your accounts one at a time in just minutes. We hope you’ll try us out today.

Welcome, and please let us know your first impressions of Mint.com.


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