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Credit can be a force for good or a force for evil. Used wisely, it can empower you to achieve your financial goals and live a rich life. Succumb to the dark side, though, by purchasing things you ultimately can’t afford, and you slide quickly down that slippery slope to a life of destitution. Bottom line, it’s a journey and one in which the journey itself can be its own reward but only if you follow a few simple financial principles. In this, the trailer for our forthcoming animation, The Quest for Credit, our hapless hero finds himself weighed down by a veritable mountain of debt. If you’ve also got more debt than you’d like you’ll probably want to check out the Intuit Town Hall
on April 28, where, not only will you get a look at part one of our two-part film (it’s like the Lord of the Rings but shorter), but you’ll also have the opportunity to hear from Aaron Patzer and Beth Kobliner with their tips on debt management. Aaron will be joined by his parents, who will talk about how important it was to them to give him a solid foundation in financial basics. You can be part of the conversation through a livestream here: or by following @intuittownhall.

There’s more. Intuit will be providing stats on the recession economy at the event. Who’s saving and who’s spending? Anya Kamenetz will be there to talk about the true cost of college and we’ll be joined by East Harlem’s Coalition School for Social Change, who will discuss their feelings about entering adulthood in these uncertain times.

It’s all part of Intuit’s efforts to engage directly with customers and provide them with the money management tools and actionable financial information they need.

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