Score Life’s Goals with Mint


With the fever pitch of the World Cup in full swing, perhaps we can interest you in a different type of goal. has always been good at looking back: tracking your spending and saving and chiding you for not sticking to your budget. Now, with the new Goals feature, you can look ahead.

Whether you’re hoping to buy a new car or house, pay off debt, take a vacation or save for retirement, Mint can help you plan for the future. Set a goal. Track your progress. Achieve it.

Our Goals feature is flexible enough to account for a variety of goal types, including key financial goals: getting out of debt or saving for an emergency fund, life stage goals: saving for college, or retiring by a certain age, as well as lifestyle goals: taking a trip or buying a car. You can even create custom goals to meet very specific needs. ties your financial accounts and existing budgets to Goals to help you better understand how your day-to-day spending impacts your future achievements. It’s Mint’s mantra, “Money is for Living,” in practice.

Goals walks you through the process of setting and achieving a goal: the feature helps you determine how much money you’ll need, provides you with an achievable first step to take toward reaching it, and gives you a realistic expectation of how long it will take. This step-by-step plan of action also includes short, actionable advice, links to the best resources, partners, and tools to help you reach your goals more quickly. You can even personalize your goals with motivating images, like your dream house, car or vacation destination.

Once you’re done setting up your goals, your work towards achieving them becomes more fun, transparent and satisfying, as you beging to track your progress. For more on how to use the feature, see our How To article or let founder Aaron Patzer walk you through it in this video. So — what are you waiting for? Sign up or log in to get started!


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