PayTrust Launches New Website


Looking for an online bill pay solution that manages your bills for you and is as easy to use as Our sister site PayTrust lets you receive, pay and track all of your bills in a single place — and pay them from any bank account.

You’re in control. You can have it pay bills automatically while still allowing others to be reviewed. Switch bank accounts at any time. And pay from multiple accounts. PayTrust keeps a record of all of your transactions. Say goodbye to stamps, checks or envelopes. PayTrust can receive your bills, as well as pay them. Because everything is kept online, neatly categorized, and easily searchable, you’ll never lose a bill again.

PayTrust can save you from late fees and help you maintain a healthy credit score by sending you reminders when it’s time to pay a bill and alerting you if a pending bill fails to arrive. Sound familiar?

You’re already using to manage your money, budget, and plan for future financial goals. PayTrust complements Mint by letting you eliminate one more tiresome monthly task. At only $12.95 per month (and an initial free month), it is a small price to pay for the convenience and peace of mind that you will never pay a bill late again.


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