Personal Budget Software Features for Valentine’s Day


Add your investment accounts!

We’ve heard loud and clear from our users from Day One (heck, even during our pre-launch beta) that you want to track your investments via Mint. We’re flattered that you want to do more with’s personal budget software and we’re eager to deliver. It’s a big project and you’ll see us rolling this out in phases. The first phase is now live.

You can now add investment, brokerage, retirement and 529 accounts from 1,500 financial institutions. When you do, the value of those accounts (closing value from the prior day) will be displayed on the left side of your Overview page along with your bank and credit card balances.

We’re not stopping there. Look out for very Mint-like approach to better understanding and maximizing your investments before the tax man comes.

We also released an improvement to our Labels tool. Now you can just point and click to apply frequently-used labels (like “Valentine’s Gifts”) to your transactions. We’re all about point and click here… we hate typing and wanted to save you keystrokes, too.

Frequently used labels? No problem!

As always, we welcome feedbacks and comments. Feel free to use the contact form or leave a comment here.

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– The Mint Team

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