New Mint Tool Helps You Find Mortgage Savings


At Mint, we’ve always been committed to helping you pay off your debt and save more by showing you where your money goes and finding financial products with better terms for you; from credit cards to high-yield savings accounts.

Now, we can even help you find a mortgage with a lower rate, thanks to the new home loans feature in our Ways to Save section.

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or looking to refinance an existing loan, Mint’s home loans feature aims to help you reduce your monthly payment or cut your interest rate.  It shows how various factors, including the size of your down payment or paying points, will affect the loan rate and monthly payment.

To create the new feature, Mint worked with Credit Sesame, an online company that provides consumers with bank-level analytics for loan offers. With information provided by users, the Credit Sesame analytics engine automatically and securely creates a complete financial profile – including current debts, loans, assets and available credit. It then evaluates that profile against thousands of products from lenders and brokers. The result:  a targeted and customized list of potentially available loan options.

You can try the new home loans feature even if you’re not currently a user: simply visit and go to the “Ways to Save” tab. users can access the feature in the Ways to Save portion of their account.

If you have any mortgage-related questions, you can visit Mint Answers, where we’ve created a special new section dedicated to home loans.

Check out this new addition to Mint’s menu of free personal finance and money management tools – and if you’re not a user yet, what are you waiting for? It’s free and takes less than five minutes to set up.