MintLife Nominated for OMMA Award



A star is born. MintLife, our still new online magazine devoted to helping you manage your money and understand the economy is a finalist in the OMMA Awards for Web Site Excellence and your voice counts. Vote for us!

We’ll save the complete list of thank you’s for the award ceremony itself (if we make it) but there a few people we’d like to single out. First, we’d like to give a shout-out to the team at Mule Design, our partners in designing MintLife, who helped us create a website that has the real-time immediacy and interactivity of a blog, but the depth and research of a magazine. MintLife also delivers on’s dedication to transparency by aggregating conversations already taking place across the social web on sites like digg, Facebook, reddit, StumbleUpon and Twitter. Congrats to Mike, Erika, Katie, Rebecca, and David on this recognition of your incredible talent. On the Mint side, JP kept us true to Mint’s design aesthetic and Adam and Colin put in countless extra hours to ensure that we launched on time and with desired functionality. Thanks too to the team of fantastic writers and visual artists (too many to list here) who have provided us with such killer content. We couldn’t have done it without you.

The OMMA Awards are being held by MediaPost, a leading publisher of print and online magazines for media and advertising pros. You must register with MediaPost to enter but membership is free and gives you access to its website and publications.

You have until September 16 to cast your vote.

Winners will be announced on September 21, 2009, during MediaPost’s OMMA Awards Reception at the OMMA Global New York Conference and Expo.


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