Mint “Updates” Experience for Mobile Phone Users

Updates Woman Using a Smart Phone

We’re excited to introduce a faster and easier way for you to see a more detailed view of your financial picture on your mobile phone, all in one place.

It’s called Mint Updates and here’s how it works.

Once you download the update for your iOS or Android phone, and open up your new Mint app, you will see two tabs with complementary views of your financial information. The existing Overview tab and a new default tab, called Updates.


These are a series of “cards” (bite-sized content and the latest in design for mobile devices) that provide you with a targeted “micro” view of the most recent updates and changes to your finances. These include a look at:

  • Recent transactions
  • Fee alerts
  • Fast approaching budgets
  • High spending alerts
  • Recently used accounts or those needing attention
  • Uncategorized transactions
  • Advice


The Overview tab you’ve grown accustomed to will continue to provide a “macro” view of your overall financial picture, helping you stay on top of your finances, with insights on total available cash, debt and total investments.

Brian Tan, a Mint mobile senior product manager, is excited about this announcement and says: “Mint is committed to improving the customer experience and added Updates to enhance how our users interact with and digest their financial information. With Updates, Mint customers can quickly view some of the most frequently used features in Mint such as checking account balances and transactions and monitoring budgets.”

Its available now for U.S. and Canadian Mint customers on iOS and Android phones.

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