Mint offers online budget tracking alerts to FBI


You may have seen in the news this week that undercover FBI agents are having a hard time staying on top of their bills. In fact, phone companies have recently cut off FBI wiretaps because of their repeated failures to pay bills on time. We can sympathize. It’s challenging enough to keep track of your money even with a normal day job. Add chasing bad guys and maintaining a multiple identities to the mix, and you’re likely to miss a payment or two.

But we think we can help.

So, to Assistant FBI director John Miller, who’s now working to “ensure appropriate oversight”, we say: please try! Your agents can sign up for email or SMS text alerts on upcoming bills, online budget tracking, low credit card and bank balances, and any large transactions. So they won’t miss another payment. And no need to worry about revealing their secret identities … doesn’t require any personally identifiable information. Best of all, is free. So, no need to tap the taxpayers…for more money, that is.

Mr. Miller, please visit today!


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