iPhone App: Putting Money in your Pocket in Time for the Holidays

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We’re proud to announce that our iPhone application launched today. If you’re a and iPhone user, we invite you to unwrap this holiday gift early — download it now, it’s free!

Account Screen

If you’ve been waiting for a great mobile money app before opening your free account, sign up now. Add your bank, credit card, loans and investment accounts, and then download the iPhone app. It only takes minutes and it’s all free. You’ll be well on your way to keeping a New Year’s resolution to better manage your money.

Our iPhone app delivers the same simple yet powerful experience you get from our web service — right to your phone, and updated automatically. Discover the comfort and joy of having access to your financial information anywhere, anytime — particularly useful during this busy season:

Budget ScreenTransaction Screen

  • Check your credit card balances from that seemingly endless checkout line.
  • Monitor your gifts budget in real time, in case your loved ones are burning up the plastic at another mall.
  • Stay on top of your finances while traveling. You’ll know if your paycheck cleared without navigating your relative’s dial up service.
  • Watch your investment performance, distributions and dividends. Helpful in deciding when it’s okay to sell and realize those capital losses, sadly.

Security Feature: Rest assured that you can disconnect iPhone access from your Profile should your iPhone ever be lost or stolen. More information about the app.

If you use a different phone, please don’t feel that we’ve come empty handed. Remember that alerts can be sent to any phone via SMS. And we just introduced inbound text messaging last month. Text BAL to MyMint (696468) to get real time balances, anytime.

Please comment here with your initial feedback and reviews of our new app. What do you like; anything you dislike? Please tell us how you’re using the app and what new features you want most!


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