Mint Introduces Mobile Advice for Android and iPhone App Users


One of our main goals here at Mint is to help you save and manage your money better.

We got started by enabling you to add all your financial accounts in one place, then created nifty graphs charting your spending trends, added budget tracking and even helped you plan for the future with our goals feature.

Now, we are proud to announce our newest capability: offering personalized savings advice to our Android and iPhone app users.

If you use the Mint Android or iPhone app, you are now able to view savings tips and advice from us that have been personalized based on your own saving and spending behavior. If we see a credit card with a lower interest rate than the one you currently use (and carry a balance), we’ll let you know. If we find a savings account with a higher APY than yours, we’ll point it out. Just like we can alert you whenever your bank charges you a fee, we’re now on the lookout for ways to help you save your hard-earned cash.