Mint Takes the Work (and Worry) Out of Bills

At the end of the year, becoming better stewards of our money ranks right up there with New Year’s resolutions focused on going to the gym, eating healthier foods, and spending more time with family and friends. And yet, several months into the New Year, I still really want the basket of fries and my daily trips to the gym have turned into a weekly affair.

Changing habits is difficult at best, so at Mint we’re focused on lending a helping hand by taking the work and worry out of our financial lives. In fact, we’re excited to share that the new bill tracking and payment features announced earlier this month are now available to 100% of the people using Mint – whether online or mobile.

In addition to the budget planning and expense management tools millions already use, Mint now solves a complete range of bills-related tasks, helping people automatically track bills in two-click payments – eliminating the need to log into multiple accounts to manage their finances. People can also set alerts and receive notifications to remind them when payments are due, as well as access a calendar to view upcoming and past due bills. We truly believe this is a game changer.

No longer is Mint an app just for those who are committed to financial fitness. Admit it, we all know we need to plan and review our finances more often, but many of us just don’t – even if apps like Mint make it dramatically easier. Today, the difference is that, we ALL need to keep up with our bills. So Mint is becoming a place to take action – a daily use app, with all your finances in one place for the millions who already use Mint and the millions more who are just discovering its benefits.

Our goal? To help each of you effortlessly stay on top of your money so you never miss a bill.

In the last handful of weeks since we started introducing these new features, we have begun automatically tracking millions of bills and our users have already paid thousands of them. Have there been some features people missed or would have liked to have seen differently? Yes. But we’ve been listening to each of you and already released a major update to deliver on your requests.

And whether you use Mint to track and pay bills or you continue to use biller websites, online banking or snail mail, we are agnostic. We’re most concerned with making sure your bills are getting paid on time with no penalty. If we can help break the cycle of penalties and late fees that cost Americans more than $77 billion each year, we can then put that money toward increased savings or paying down debt. On time bill payment is a critical step in reducing financial stress and ultimately, reaching our financial dreams.

As you try out the bill tracking and reminders in Mint, we’re eager to hear from you. We know many of you already have a system you love with no need to make a change, but others struggle with a combination of sticky notes, calendar reminders and spreadsheets to get the bills done each month. Let Mint help you put an end to that.


Al Ko, GM Mint

Al Ko is general manager at Intuit of Mint, a leading money management tool that helps more than 6 million people manage nearly $400 billion in finances. His team is dedicated to empowering individuals and families with knowledge about their money and the tools to avoid worrying about bills while simplifying and improving their financial lives.