Announcement: Mint Has a Fresh New Look on iOS

Updates Mint Fresh New Look

We know you love Mint, and Mint loves you right back. That’s why we’re updating the iOS app with a refreshed look and feel that features a sleek design, added benefits, and a simplified view of what’s important with your money.

This month, Mint is rolling out a new app experience for iPhone users, featuring exclusive data-driven Mintsights™ to help existing (and new!) users effortlessly stay on top of their savings, expenses and budgeting. The refreshed app will intelligently use all of your financial data to unlock powerful money insights and money-saving offers and will be available to all Mint users in the coming months.

We heard from customers that they wanted to learn more about how to take their financial information and apply actionable steps to help them reach their goals.

Well, guess what? We listened and will use machine learning technology to deliver predictive money-saving offers and actionable insights based on your personal financial history. This means you’ll now see specific insights, recommendations and offers that will help you take your financial success to the next level.

We’re most excited to introduce you to the new Mintsights™ feature – the tool will grow with you over time to help you save more money and find outstanding offers from our trusted partners. Mint is the only app that can help unlock powerful money insights and money-saving offers personalized to your unique situation at your fingertips. Seeing your profile in one place is helpful – receiving personalized insights and offers is even better!

Additionally, the updated design will reorganize your financial data, ultimately cutting down on steps you must take to find information and elevating the most important information for your finances.

Current Mint users will continue to enjoy existing features including bill tracking, budgeting, savings, investments, and checking your credit scores. First-time users will access the new features at or download the mobile app.

Now, let’s take the app for a spin!



With this refresh, Mint will continue to effortlessly organize your money, giving you confidence that you’re on top of your financial health.

Updates to our Android and Web experiences will follow in the coming months, so stay tuned for more updates!

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    1. So terrible. Is there a way to revert back? If not I’m going to delete. Completely focused on ads. Really really disappointed at this lack of creativity and user friendliness.

  1. I just updated the app and the new design is now showing. Will it be rolled out or how can I get access to the new design right now? Really looking forward to trying it!

  2. What happened to this release? It seems you guys reverted it back to an older version for some reason. I liked the new version. Will you bring it back soon?

  3. Absolutely horrible, it’s clearly redesigned to make money rather than help the “people you love” – I’ve been using Mint since the beginning, and loved the customizable overview page. You know, so I could see everything at a glance.

    Now I’m faced with an advertisement right away, and am forced to swipe to see things. And, surprise, there’s a page with “offers” right in the middle.

    The “mintsights” are useless at best and seem to be designed make me feel bad about my purchases – who cares that I spend more at target than 30% of other users? I don’t, and I can’t hide this shaming.

    Please go back to your original structure, I use Mint daily and am saddened by the fact I’m already looking for alternatives…

    1. 100% agree on This. I have to swipe 6 times just to see the same information that used to be right next to each other, with zero way to reorganize like I used to be able to. Literally removed features, providing less information in one view, and more ads. Seriously considering switching to YNAB or some other software based off this update.

    2. Ryan totally agree with you. I used to tell everyone how much I loved using mint & even used it to show clients but not with this. It’s awful!

    3. Completely agree, this is a terrible update. At least the iPad version hasn’t changed yet. Once that does I’ll start looking at alternatives.

  4. My wife and I are on the same version of the Mint app (as displayed in the app itself) but mine looks the same as it always has and hers looks like this new version. What?!? I’m on an iPhone SE and she’s on an iPhone 7 Plus so maybe that’s a factor. But we’re using the exact same credentials for the login so it’s not that it’s treating us differently because we’re different users. For hers, we had to set a new passcode and re-enable TouchID so it acted as if it were completely new. She doesn’t use the app as much as I do and it’s possible she was not previously logged into the app, though that would surprise me. But in any case, it may be possible that if you log out of the app and possibly delete it entirely off your phone and then re-install it and login that you will see the new experience if you’re not seeing it now and you want to see it.

  5. Atrocious redesign. Clearly just a marketing / advertisement tool now.

    … I hope I can find an alternative where I don’t accidentally open a credit card offer each time I swipe to a new page…

  6. This is the absolute worst app update I have ever seen. You have essentially ruined the app, as it is no longer easy to view or track spending, budgets and finances. Was no focus group conducted during the redesign? Now users must tap and dig for data that was once available via a simple scroll. Seriously, so very bad. Also, for reference I have been using and highly recommending Mint since 2007. I check(ed) the App probably 8 times per day, and it was easily the most used appon my phone. Now it is essentially useless. Please, for the love of god, do not let your design team anywhere NEAR the website.

  7. I’m on iPhone 6S and I am not seeing any difference in the UI after updating the iPhone app. Another family member with an iPhone 7 does see the new UI. Just spent a long time on chat with Mint but no resolution.

  8. This update is horrible. So cluttered with adds and confusing to navigate. LESS IS MORE. If you need money charge for the app but not this!!!

      1. From the look of feedback from the users above, please take your time. Don’t be in a hurry. Heck it would be nice if you misplaced the android update apk file 😉

      2. Count your blessings that you still have the old design. DO NOT UPDATE. You’ve been warned.

        Worst release of any app i think I’ve ever seen.

  9. Please revert. Please give us the option to revert.
    Please give us the option to pay to remove the adds.
    I have been using since 2010.I have given you FREE insight into over $1,000,000 in spending and now you destroy the app.

    It is an awful, terrible, no good, useless app.

  10. My Mint App still has the same software. I downloaded it again from the App Store, but it’s still the same old look. Any suggestions?

  11. My Mint App has been updated to 6.0.2, the only change is the new icon. Nothing else changed.
    No new UI in my 6.0.2 Mint App.
    I don’t know what’s going on, but two weeks with no response?

  12. I hate the new update. Longer to load, harder to enter a transaction and now the local businesses don’t show up. Just a list to search through. Roll back two or three updates and it would be a lot better.

    Mint used to be ok, but now totally sucks. The only reason I use it is because all the other financial apps suck even worse.

    Make it easier to add transactions. A button on the front instead of going through several pages to find it. Put the business list back in distance order instead of alphabetical order and it would be a tremendous help.

    I’ve asked for a long time to be able to edit catagories. No go. These three would give it five stars from me.

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