Mint Congratulates TechCrunch50 Winning Presenter


The stakes are high, the demo is nerve racking, and although 52 are given the chance, only one company can emerge as the best presenting company. We know, we’ve been there.

“Winning TechCrunch40 last September was incredibly exciting for us so we know exactly how the presenting companies feel,” says founder and CEO Aaron Patzer. “It was great to return this year and see so many innovative startups on stage and in the DemoPit, along with many of our friends from last year.” is proud to be part of the community of internet entrepreneurs presenting at TechCrunch50. After having launched at last year’s event, it was a natural place to celebrate our first birthday. And we aren’t the only ones with something to celebrate. Please join us in congratulating Yammer, the best presenting company of TechCrunch50.

Yammer is a tool for making companies and organizations more productive through the exchange of short frequent answers to one simple question: “What are you working on?” As employees answer that question, a feed is created in one central location enabling co-workers to discuss ideas, post news, ask questions, and share links and other information. Yammer also serves as a company directory in which every employee has a profile and as a knowledge base where past conversations can be easily accessed and referenced. Anyone in a company can start their Yammer network and begin inviting colleagues. The privacy of each network is ensured by limiting access to those with a valid company email address. The basic Yammer service is free. Companies can pay to claim and administer their network.

We recommend that Yammer do as we did and deposit that check immediately in a high interest earning account.


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