Introduces Ways to Invest


At, we believe in three basic principles of personal finance. Spend less than you earn. Maximize your savings. And, finally, make sure that hard-earned, hard-saved money pays you back.

One way you can achieve that third goal is to invest successfully. But with all of the different investment products and types of accounts out there, figuring out where to start isn’t easy. And while there are certain investment products you may not be able to afford, you no longer have to be Mr or Mrs Moneybags to get started.

We’re introducing a new feature, Ways to Invest, that is specifically designed to help you establish an investment portfolio. We won’t tell you how or where to invest. But just as with we do our Ways to Save feature, we can direct you to resources that will help save you money, but this time when it comes to your investment activities.

So we’ve taken a tip from group buying sites. With 4 million registered users, we are in a great position to negotiate on your behalf. Our partners have created Mint-specific deals to encourage investing, from fee-free portfolio management to 60% off an annual subscription to professional investing and portfolio management advice.

Like all of Mint’s features, Ways to Invest is very easy to use. The first step is to determine your risk profile. Are you conservative, or are you ready to take on a high risk for high reward? Are you the hands-on type or do you prefer to put your investing on auto-pilot? If you decide to go with a mutual fund, is it important to you that it be socially responsible?

If it’s still too daunting to put cash toward an investment, we don’t blame you. You can invest in your own dreams with Goals, or learn more about what various investment terms mean and how they can impact your money here at MintLife.

There are many ways to invest. The important thing is to think about how you can grow and do more with your money. Once you find the investing strategy that works best for you, you’ll be well on your way.


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