Goes to School


Photo: knittymarie

At Mint, we’ve always felt that basic money management skills should be taught in school. So we’re especially excited to announce a new free online program that makes personal finance fun and approachable for middle-school students, teachers and families. We’ve worked with Scholastic to develop an interactive game, the Quest for Money, and free classroom materials for middle-school teachers, students and families.

The program connects math to everyday life, emphasizing the importance of saving, budgeting and goals. Kids will learn common words associated with personal finance, and solve sample problems that explain concepts such as compound interest in easy-to-understand terms. The materials are expected to be available online for teachers at Scholastic today and distributed in 30,000 classrooms nationwide early next year.

Here on MintLife, we’ve created an Education section that will offer these materials and that also links to articles, infographics, comics, and videos that make personal finance understandable, along with links the best online educational resources we can find.


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