Meet Our Millionth User


There are now a million people using to better manage their finances and save money. Tami K, a 35-year-old married mother of two young girls, from Gresham, Oregon was looking to do some financial restructuring when her mother-in-law told her about

Tami manages a dental office and is also the financial manager for her family. She says that has changed the way she spends money.

“I pay all of the bills in our household and my husband really doesn’t know what’s going in and what’s going out,” says Tami. We’ve never had a true budget and it came to the point where I really needed to educate him on what we were spending each month.”

Tami was already paying her bills online through her bank but she says was the one site she found that could pull all of her accounts into a single place. It took Tami awhile to get all of her accounts into because she needed to get them all online first but, once she did, she found additional ways to save money.

“ is a great tool to teach people how to save money,” says Tami. “I don’t think our age group is really educated on how to spend and save money. The website offers all of that, it provides a simple education for people that aren’t educated enough.”

Like many people, Tami was somewhat reluctant to entrust with her account information but after reading up on our security practices and doing a quick Google search to learn what others thought of the service, she was comfortable enough to sign up. “I feel more safe with than with a lot of my credit cards,” she says, relating an earlier incident of fraud.

Tami will have her credit card debt paid up to $2,000 and we’ll also pay off her mother-in-law’s credit card debt up the same amount to thank her for referring Tami to Mint. Congratulations Tami, thanks to you, we now have our millionth user.

Oops…Better make that one million and one. Tami’s mom-in-law signed up too.


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