Look who won iPod nanos from Mint.com!


The picture above is of happy Mint user Andy Y. of NYC. Why so happy? He just found out he won an iPod nano from Mint.com!

Nearly a thousand Mint users responded to our request for feedback in our December research survey. Our thanks to you all. We’ve dug through your comments and made some changes to our product plans as a result. One example? We’ve accelerated our development of the new features you were most adamant about wanting for our free budget software, e.g. investment accounts, mortgages and loans. Look for those in Q1.

We also made good on our promise to draw three names out of the “digital hat” and award 3 survey responders brand new iPod nanos. These went to Andy, to Mindy S. of West Hartford, Connecticut, and to Michael M. of Corvallis, Oregon. Mindy and Andy (who both ordered “Mint.com green” nanos) also offered these comments:

It’s great to find a tool that can manage all my finances without the “heaviness” of that typical desktop application. I can pop in quickly, check all my accounts in one glance and leave in the same amount of time it would have taken other applications to load. On top of that, there’s always a fresh list of ways I can save money; today even. And hey, I’m not going to have to spend another $50 every year to install the latest upgrade, you guys will do it for me!

A big thanks to mint.com. I was excited when I first heard about you and I’m glad that all that hype was about a truly useful tool.

– Mindy

I think the biggest thing Mint has done for me is help me keep tabs on my savings, cash, and debt. Being able to look at all my transactions across my bank accounts and credit cards has helped me understand how I’m spending and kept me in the black and saving month to month.

– Andy

Again, thanks to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts on mint.com with us. We hope you’ll keep the dialog going… anything you’d like to share in a comment?

The Mint Team.


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