Get the Popcorn: New Personal Finance Software Demo Video


Maybe you’ve been thinking that you’d like to learn more about before signing up. Or maybe you’re already a Mint fan, but you’ve found it hard to describe what Mint does to friends and family who you think should use the product. Either way, we think we may have a solution for you.

We’ve just released a short Product Demo video on our personal finance software. In it, Aaron Patzer (our founder and CEO) takes you on a quick tour of Mint’s major features – from adding your accounts all the way through finding personalized ways to save on lower interest credit cards. He even gives you a sneak peek into our Investment tracking feature, still in private beta.

We hope you’ll grab some popcorn and watch. And that you’ll forward it to those friends and family members who might benefit from using Mint.

If you have feedback for us, please feel free to post it here as a comment. We’ll incorporate your suggestions in the sequel.

The Mint Team

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