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We released a number of improvements to the service last night. These include new features which you, our beta users, requested, suggested or demanded (but always politely). Everyone at Mint appreciates it when our users take the time to provide us great feedback; its helping us get better every day. Thank you.

Here’s what you’ll find at now:

  1. Create a budget template!

    You can now set monthly budgets for any spending category you like, and then see how your spending is tracking vs. that budget throughout the month. And, as you might expect, we’ve simultaneously added a Budget Alert. So when your spending exceeds your target, you’ll get a prompt and courteous reminder…but only if you ask us to 🙂

    Tracking your budgets.
  2. Easier Work:Life Balance.

    Okay, not exactly, but you will now be able to separate your business and personal spending on Mint. Or separate your individual accounts from your joint accounts. Just “hide” accounts to create a clean and custom view of your spending in the way that works for you.

    Separate and exclude business accounts from your personal accounts!
  3. We’re into Labels.

    You can now label your bank and credit card accounts with whatever account name is most intuitive for you. And you can now change categories and rename transactions just by double clicking on the category or merchant name shown. On reflection (and with the benefit of your feedback) that just seemed more intuitive to us.

    Give your accounts specific nicknames so you can better identify them!
  4. Little Knowledge = Dangerous Thing.

    Now that you’re getting accustomed to seeing all your spending in one place (remember last month, when you didn’t have Mint?) you tell us you want more. So, we’re giving you more in a budget template…More insight into your favorite merchants via an expanded, sortable list of your top spots; Easier access to the detailed transactions within any category. Just click on any wedge of a pie on your Spending Trends page and you’ll link straight through to a transaction list. You’re welcome.

    Sort your spendings by purchases or total amount.
  5. Supporting More Banks.

    No, we’re not the Fed. But you’ll find that some of the accounts you may not have been able to add in your first visit(s) to mint can now be added. So, please try again. The more accounts you add, the better your budgeting and overall decision-making about your money. And you may just find that we find some more savings ideas for you.
  6. Mint Maintenance Crew at Work.

    As our user base expands, we’re discovering and fixing a lot of dirty bank data just for our users. This month, that means you’ll see less instances of duplicated transactions, or mislabeled transactions. Next month, we’ll no doubt find even more messy surprises. We’re thinking of buying some of those snappy janitor jumpsuits in Mint green. If we do, we’ll definitely post the pictures.
  7. A fresher Mint experience for you…and for your friends?

    We hope that these and many other enhancements, bug fixes, and redesigns create an even more valuable free money manager for you. If we’re on the right track, we’d be honored if you’d share Mint with your friends using our new Tell a Friend feature.

Thanks for using,

The Mint Team

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