Mint Feature Highlight: New Credit Utilization View

Updates Mint Feature Highlight: New Credit Utilization View

Hi Minters!

Kyle here from Mint’s product team. I wanted to share with you one of our newest feature updates that we hope you have already discovered.

One of the biggest impacts to your credit score is your credit utilization ratio. That sounds really intimidating, but it’s actually a simple calculation of the total amount you use on your credit cards (your balance) divided by your credit limit. Knowing where you stand is a key factor in making good spending decisions.

what is Credit Utilization

That’s why we wanted to make it really simple for you to go in and see how you’re doing with each one of your credit cards. If you go to the Upcoming Bills section on your Mint app and swipe right twice, you’ll see this new view:

Mint credit utilization feature

This utilization info offers a really good visual of where you stand. Remember, many creditors look for a utilization ratio under 30%. But be cautious: revolving credit card debt of any kind is costing you extra money! So the best thing to do is to keep this as close to 0 as you can.

Enjoy the new feature and looking forward to your feedback!

All the best,

Kyle Weiss


Kyle Weiss

Kyle is a Product Manager on the Mint team in Hod HaSharon, Israel. Before this, he worked on different teams in San Francisco and London. He loves reading, writing, music and going to as many concerts as possible. He loves thinking about the future of technology and considers himself an Elon Musk Fanboy. Follow him on Twitter: @kyledavidweiss


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  1. I just signed up for Mint specifically for this feature but it isn’t showing up on the app? What’s the status?

  2. I have been told that using your credit is important to a good credit score. This seems to contradict that info- which is true?

  3. What Kyle has written is true, & Dave Ramsey will definitely confirm it. The whole idea of the credit score is how well you can pay the interest. Basically the more you buy on credit, the more interest you pay, the better it is for your credit score.

  4. how do you see all of your cards? or find this on the website? on the app i can only see 3 cards and on the website i can’t seem to find it at all, but i’d like to see both utilization and APR in the same graph. Is there a feature for that?

    1. 3
      things 1. it shows only 3 cards
      2. its only on mobile app
      3. its not in the web
      I would like to add this to the feature reques

  5. This would be a great feature if it actually existed. Did Mint put it in and then remove it? Did it not get implemented? What’s going on because it’s definitely not in the app.

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