And the iPad winner is…



Are you saving up to buy the Apple iPad? You’ve still got time. But we’ve got one user who saved by becoming a fan of

We decided at the beginning of last month to hold a contest to give away an Apple iPad. We had a lot of applicants, and we’re totally stoked that everyone else was excited as we were! So here it goes… (drum roll please) And the winner is Charles Moore!

When we asked Charles if we could publish his name, we also asked if he’d let us know how he uses–here’s what he said:

“I am a fan of, because it is a fantastic site… I had always wanted to use Quicken or Excel to keep track of my finances, but it is too difficult to keep my receipts or input the info, and I never had success. With Mint, it does everything for you and on top of that its free. It really changed the way that I deal with my finances and helps me to reach my savings goals and limit my spending. All my friends and family have now joined the site too, and most of them agree that it is a great service.”

Congrats Charles!

While we unfortunately can’t give any more Apple iPad’s away, we can provide you with money saving tools and the ability to help you manage your money wherever you are, with the features you need while on the go. Use the iPhone app on the new iPad to check your balances, edit your transactions, and be alerted — via real-time push notifications, email or SMS — when you are over budget or get hit with fees or other unusual charges.

Keep saving!


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