Delivering Some More of Your “Wish List” Features for Finance Software


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We’ve just released a number of improvements to the finance software service — including some new features which have been at the top of our users’ “wish list” for online financial management. We hope you’ll find that these additions make your experience even better, and that you’ll see them as an early holiday gift to all of our users. You’re all on our “Nice” list.

  1. More Personalized Ways to Save — Just in Time for the Holidays

    Whether you’re anticipating a flurry of December spending, or congratulating yourself on saving some dough this year, you’re probably wondering how to find the best financial product for you.To make that shopping easier, we’ve just added information on interest rates and rewards on tens of thousands of financial products to our proprietary database. This increases Mint’s ability to match our credit card and bank account recommendations to your individual needs. Log in to today and check out your personalized Ways to Save page for some new ideas.
  2. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year — to Know Where Your Money Goes.

    Mint users can now divide a single ATM withdrawal across the categories in which the cash was spent (e.g. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh? … or maybe: Gas, Restaurant, and Groceries?) Likewise, users making a large purchase from a department store like Target can now divide that transaction into Food (egg nog?) and Gifts. This should help give you an even more detailed view on where your money goes each month…and what you’re spending on presents this month. Click on the image below to see transaction splitting in action.

    Splitting transactions is as easy as eating pie!
  3. Helping you spot “Scrooge-Like” ATM fees. will now automatically detect and categorize ATM fees from ATM transactions. For example, an ATM withdrawal of $103 will split $3 into the fee category and $100 into the cash category – giving you a sharper view on fees charged by your banks. Online financial management has never been this easy!

To learn more about these new features, check out the full press release.

And just in case finding the perfect Halloween costume caused you to miss the news on the new features released in October, including Budgeting and customized Account Naming, please click here to read more.

Please share your comments on any of Mint’s features below. We always appreciate “the gift of feedback.”

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