Roaming the World, One Carrier At a Time


Whether you’re planning an exotic holiday trip abroad or travel internationally year-round, chances are the one thing you always take with you is your cell phone. But if you plan to actually use it (and we’re not talking about the camera or alarm clock functions), you have to be mindful of the roaming charges you are bound to incur. If you’re a heavy voice, data and text message user and you continue to use your cell phone abroad as you do at home, your next phone bill could be so long it might have to be delivered in a box. Even the occasional phone call or email can check add up, as you will see in this interactive infographic. Here, we give you the low-down on roaming charges for the four largest wireless carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint) for phone calls, data usage and texting. Don’t leave the country without checking it out!

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