Slideshow: These Coins Are Worth Their Face Value Millions Times Over


Admit it: how many times have you mindlessly tossed a penny, nickel or dime on the sidewalk, or left it at the counter? Americans, it seems, aren’t much in love with their small change. And why should we be, when you consider that you can hardly buy anything with a penny or nickel these days. These coins, in fact, cost more to produce than their face value. That is, unless you are talking about the tiny minority of rare, extremely valuable coins that are actually worth their face value million times over. From an 1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar (estimated value: $10.01 million) to a 1943 Copper Penny (estimated value: more than $100,000), here are a dozen coins you’d be ill-advised to throw away. the best FREE way to manage your money. Get started here!

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