Presidential Investments: How Obama Invested in 2009


Every year we take the third Monday in February to celebrate our nation’s presidents, past and present. Also every year, the White House makes public a document officially known as a “public financial disclosure report,” or Form SF 278, that details the assets and income of the President currently in office. Form SF 278 is a wealth of information and curious facts, including where the President keeps a checking account, retirement savings and even 529 plans — and, of course, their balances.

This President’s Day, we give you the highlights of President Barack Obama’s assets in 2009. Looks like he is a big fan of Vanguard index funds, low-risk investments like Treasury bills and Treasury notes (for the difference between the two, see our infographic “What Is a Bond?“) and is setting an example for parents by diligently saving for his daughters’ education with 529 plans. You can view the full report (originally made available in the summer of 2010) here.

Shane Snow is the founder of Visual Economics and Printing Choice.

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