Mint Slideshow: Gold



Gold was one of the biggest stories of 2010 and hardly anyone doubts that it will continue to dominate headlines in 2011. At $1,373 per Troy ounce, its price may be off the record $1,431.30 it reached in early December — but analysts have not shied back with their 2011 predictions. Some have announced expectations that the metal will top $1,700 or even $2,000 per Troy ounce this year.

So our recent fascination with gold and gold items is only understandable. Not everyone can afford – or would even want – to flaunt a glittering laptop case or cell phone skin, of course. And in many cases, those items are created to be displayed rather than used. But the truth remains: sometimes our imagination manifests itself with the oddest made-of-gold artifacts. From cars to chihuahuas, here are 11 such items.

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