America’s Costliest Commutes


Commuting is one of the most frustrating, yet often unavoidable, fixtures of American life. Not only that, it is becoming increasingly expensive at a time when many still struggle financially. We recently analyzed data from the Texas Transportation Institute to show you the worst commutes in the country from a “time wasted” perspective: we reviewed how long commuters are idling in traffic, how many cars there are on the road during peak hours and how many hours of the day were considered “peak” in those respective cities. You can view the results in our interactive infographic, here.

Next, we take a look at the cost of commuting. Based on the TTI’s 2010 Urban Mobility Report, we give you America’s most expensive commutes, based on the amount of fuel consumed while idling in traffic, how much that fuel costs, as well as the total cost of commuting per person. Did your city make the list? Check out the infographic to find out.

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