10 Times Mint Was Way Too Savage

Here’s another roundup of the best from Twitter.

We’d like to apologize for all those texts we sent last night. ?

#1 Sometimes we throw curveballs to make sure you’re paying attention.


#2 Nevertheless, she persisted.


#3 If it’s not tough love, is it really love? ?


#4 Okay, you’ve got boundaries. Respect.


#5 Doesn’t summer imply fewer clothes? ? Just saying…


#6 Does throwing shade count as a sport? ?⚽


#7 It’s the subtle touches we’re most proud of.


#8 “Wedding” you like to save some for the honeymoon? ? #wegotjokes #mazeltov


#9 We applaud your moxie and your low credit usage. ?


#10 It’s because we really do just want you to #livelongandparty ???

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