Personal Finance Interview with Gary from The Dollar Stretcher

The Minterview

Name: Gary Foreman
Age: 54
Networth Range: Only my wife and the IRS know for sure.
Profession: Founder of The Dollar Stretcher.
Formerly a financial planner with Smith Barney and Raymond James.


Current Financial Strategy:

The same as it’s always been. Accumulate wealth on a steady, continual pace.

Best Financial Tip:

Don’t try to get rich quickly. You’re much more likely to end up getting poor quickly.

Worst Financial Move Ever:

A combination of greed and not doing sufficient homework before making an investment while I was in my 20’s

Financially, I need help with:

Good advice is always worthwhile. I seek it wherever I can find it.

What personal finance tools do you currently use to track and manage your money?


What are the problems in your personal finance tools?

The tools are not posing any real problems. A lack of time to use everything that’s available to help manage money is the problem.

How would your ideal personal finance tool work?

It would have to be able to think the way I do. So we’re probably a few years away from that.

How much do you think you currently spend on eating out?

More than we should. But we both work long hours and neither one of us is particularly interested in cooking.

How often do you want to know about your personal finances?

I track them often enough to know that things are going according to plan. I’m not obsessive about it.

What is in my wallet?

Pictures of my lovely wife and family, some cash and membership cards.

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