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Filing taxes can be intimidating, especially if you are filing for  the first time.  If that’s the case, and you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s easy to overlook a key deduction or credit that could be worth big bucks when it comes time to getting your return (that’s right – you could be missing out on free money)! There are certain things millennials need to keep in mind when prepping for their taxes ahead of the April 15th deadline, so below we’ve rounded-up some of our favorite tax tips articles that will help millennials navigate this financial rite of passage.

What 20-Somethings Should Know About Taxes – US News & World Report Money

For those relatively new to the tax scene, these pointers can help preserve your take-home pay. Remember to deduct student loan interest and take advantage of education-related credits when they send in their return.

6 Things Millennials Need to Know About Their Taxes – TurboTax Blog

These easy tax filing strategies will help you maximize your tax refund, as well as get it back as soon as possible.

What The Heck Is A W-2? A Beginners’ Guide To Filing Taxes In 2015 – Forbes

Everything you need to know about being a first time tax filer.

5 Last Minute Tax Tips for Millennials – TurboTax Blog

Are you a procrastinator? Here are some last minute things to keep in mind before April 15th approaches.

Top Tax Tips for Millennials, Deductions and Credits – The College Investor

A lot of millennials are students and recent grads who potentially qualify for a bunch of different tax deductions and tax credits, based on their individual situation.  Here are some top tax deductions students should pay attention to.

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