Vespanomics: The Road to Savings


With gas prices stubbornly high, saving money at the pump this summer is on many drivers’ minds. For some, that means yet again reconsidering the SUV in favor of a smaller vehicle or even a hybrid. Others may go even further in their quest for fuel efficiency.

We recently teamed up with Vespa to take a look at just how much of an impact switching to a scooter might have on your financial bottom line — and, collectively, on your community. With its 75 mpg, a scooter will without a doubt save you tons at the pump — if it’s right for your lifestyle, of course. And consider this: if 20% of the vehicles driven in New York City during daytime hours were replaced by scooters, drivers could see a total decrease in traffic delays saving nearly 100 working hours per person per year, resulting in more than $122 million in savings for the city in fuel and labor productivity.

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