Tracking My Money: The Financially-Challenged Husband


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My worst financial disaster was marrying my husband. A few months before the wedding, we both checked our credit reports and shared the info with each other.

I have always been great about tracking my money. My credit score was great (790), and I knew that his would be a bit low since he had missed a few credit card payments. But I really wasn’t prepared for when he asked me, “560…. Is that good?”

Turns out that when he had consolidated his student loans he forgot one. So for two years he hadn’t been paying on a $10,000 loan, and it was now in default. Not only do we now have a ton of extra money to pay, with fines and interest, but we also have to wait for his credit to improve before getting a mortgage.

Needless to say, I control all our finances now. (Luckily, he is very happy with that!)

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