7 Rarely Used Coupons To Jumpstart Your Savings In 2011


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Grocery store coupons can shave 30-50% from the average shopper’s weekly bill. As consumers, we’ve become adept at clipping coupons and putting them to work in our local grocery stores and food markets. We don’t do so well when it comes to using coupons outside the grocery store, though.

Want to jumpstart your savings for the New Year? Here are seven underused coupons that you can put to work today.

1. Oil changes

National car maintenance centers and neighborhood garages distribute hundreds of thousands of coupons each year for oil changes that go largely unused. Jim Mangelin, manager of Tires Plus in Janesville, WI, says that he sees only one or two coupons per day in his shop. “We do all we can to help our customers save, but very few redeem our coupons.”

The average cost of an oil change at Tires Plus is more than $50 and yet you could be paying just $19.99 with a coupon.

2. Pet food

Dog and cat food manufacturers routinely distribute coupons in newspapers, magazines and online, but only a few thrifty shoppers take advantage of such deals. Corrinne Fabulas, owner of Feeding Fido in Minneapolis, MN, claims that pet owners could save hundreds of dollars per year, if only they’d use coupons. “Pet kibble and treats and toy costs really add up fast,” said Fabulas. “We give 50% off coupons for large bags of dog food almost weekly and only see a few coupons at the register each week.”

Watch for pet food coupons in your local paper and in store, and be sure to sign up for weekly newsletters from pet food manufacturers.  Those newsletters will contain valauble coupons that you can print out and take shopping.

3. Hair care

From shampoos and styling aids to haircuts and perms, shoppers aren’t cashing in when it comes to caring for their hair. Local newspapers are rich with coupons for haircuts and you can even find coupons to your local salon online. Right now, Great Clips is giving away free haircuts for a year and also distributes email coupons on a regular basis.

4. Electronic billing

Opting for electronic billing over traditional mailed paper bills won’t save a fortune, but you will pocket a few dollars. Sprint offers cell phone users a one-time $5 credit for switching to electronic billing and so do many other businesses and banks.

5. Glasses

Even with insurance, it’s expensive to put glasses or contacts on your baby blues. Combine insurance with coupons though, and you’ll rake in the savings. Watch for coupons in newspapers, magazines, flyers and online. Pearl Vision is currently having a buy one, get one free special on all glasses.

6. Shoes

Are you still paying full price to dress your feet? Most shoe stores are very generous with coupons and you’ll find them online, in magazines and newspapers and even in your email. Visit Famous Footwear’s website this week and use the promo code HOLIDAYS15 and you’ll be rewarded with buy one, get one half off savings.

7. Bank accounts

Are you in the market for a new checking or savings account? Banks in your area will give you money to open a new account. In one current promotion, Chase Bank deposits $50 into new customer’s accounts. Watch for flyers and coupons from other banks in your mailbox. (Of course, always go for the account that best fits your needs and be sure to review fees and other features, in addition to the incentives you’re being offered.)

Are you using all the coupons at your disposal?

7 Rarely Used Coupons To Jumpstart Your Savings In 2011 provided by SaveBrite.com.

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